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Although the bit version of Windows is faster and more robust, computer users may encounter compatibility issues with software running in bit mode. I certainly missed some warnings but probably they were not shown particluarly clearly. I think this information about the forced disabling should have been given more clearly by that update process and whenever FF was doing it. I also tried to click "Available languages" in the dialog at point 2, clicked on "Download" at row "English British " and column "Windows" NOT the "Windows bit" at its right , that gave me "Firefox Setup

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Then you need HMA!

Change a bit browser to a bit browser, or adding a bit - Microsoft Community

Download the bit version and install it. Found a bad link?

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At the browser's website, there will be different download versions: 23 Protection Some ads have hidden trackers that follow you online. Plus, use our Send Tabs feature to instantly share open tabs between desktop, mobile and tablet. You just need to either download the bit version of the web browser, or else open the bit version located in your program files folder.

I have the same question Then you can open a bit Internet broswer. I get "Firefox Installer.

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For instance, Adobe Flash beowser run in bit versions of web browsers. Click next and finish the process.

Question tools Get email updates when anybody replies. Become untraceable and secure online? I tried again just now, clicking the same in that "platforms and languages download page" that is, clicking the column "Windows", NOT the "Windows bit" at its rightand now that gives me a new version, which apparently became available in the meantime, that is "Firefox Setup Also, now I realize that the issue that started all this mess, that is the fact that addons disappeared from my toolbar and won't reappear not even browwser reinstalling them, was due to some FF update that had disabled the ones I had and was probably re-disabling them right away every time I tried to reinstall them, and all without showing any warning or info while doing it.

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Toolbar Set up Firefox your way. Download the latest version of adobe flash player and install. Please ask a new question if you need help.

How to Change an Internet Browser to 32 Bits

To create a shortcut, please follow these steps: How to Change an Internet Browser to 32 Bits. Apps similar to 32bit Web Browser 4. Please respond back for the status on the issue and let us know if you have any issues.

I have even unistalled a "Mozilla Maintenance Service" I found installed in Control Panel, in case it was it that was forcing the wrong version to be installed, but no. UC Browser for Windows Phone.

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