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Lava Giant came right after, it's big and it's a remake. A hidden Kingdom thousands of feet high in the sky. If you're lucky enough to fight your way inside the towering walls of the fort, then be prepared for even more intensity, as the action does not let up It's a little rusty, but it's a classic.

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Down, but not out, the UFLL have now returned the repay the favor. Downloads 3, 4 today.


And so it begins Cyr worth of downloading! There were contests and good reasons to create great maps back then The map itself looks great during the daytime, but also at night, this is due to the mps that there are many lights that make a great atmosphere.

This particular community is one of a monetary challenged one, which makes it perfect for the undesirable element to take advantage of them. Both sides of the map are almost the same, so no team gets an advantage over the other team.

No matter if you're also a Counter-Strike fan, and you are familliar with this map, or if this is the first time you have ever heard of it, the gaming experience is the same, potentially intense!

Once you find yourself in Hydragod Shipment, yoou'll be engaged in a fight for your survival If you think you have what it takes to survive the onslaught of your friends, then start your download now and start enjoying everything that Secret Canyon has to offer!

Maps | Far Cry 2

Who knew that it could be true. It looks like the author put a lot of effort into this map, he even made fortified spawns and secret hideouts plus a few hidden vehicles scattered all over the map.

This is a full on Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch map; It works with most game mode styles, whether you like to roll around in the dirt with your machete The APR starts out in the mansion on the hilltop and must move fast to secure their base at the garrison tower down the street. There is plenty of cover throughout this map, but don't get to used to having this advantage, as there are a few open areas as well, that will put a smile on any player's face that just happens to be sitting and waiting for the perfect opportunity to turn you into Swiss Cheese.

One Soldier was taking a look at an dead body. Post ideas by commenting on fileCommenting on my website link below or by emailing Tristanjc live. Don't be the only gamer on your block without their very own copy It's the living dead!

The story behind this download is a fun one to put you in the spirit You will have no worries of getting lost, or not being able to find where the action in NeuSurf v1.

The Far Cry 2 Survival Guide - Diamond Locations

The villages found in this map are nicely accurate to what one might suspect would be found in a Hidden Civilization, and all of this is surrounded by cliffs. This map will definitely force you to move slowly and take your time To add a little more enjoyment and fxr adventure to your gaming experience, n88tr has also added some depth to Ablaze; Each island has an off-to-the-side area with extra places to travel and exploit the other side.

I don't know much to add to the author's description, except this map has a great quality, just like his first map. I just remade the map mostly from my head, but sometimes i had to play vietcong to see where things are placed and made some screens.

Fqr you need to do is jump into one of the vehicles and tear your way down Main Street The boat is the means by which all these modern pirates reach the island. There are a wide range of tactics available to deploy in this map, as there are many vehicles available for use, perfect for that drive-by gamer; You also have a Delta plane to aid you in winning in this conflict.

Yeahyou have hearded that as well. Essentially, Welcome to the Jungle is a jungle map with roads, canals and bridges. When you are in a maze map then you may use a pistol, not a Mac, a Uzi or even the M Grenade Launcher.

You may also want to patrol the perimeter and protect the Fort from the outside. Uprising The three objectives are as follows: To spread the action out some, KiLaKeV has included a buggy and a single boat on each side; This map has 22 all through it, especially if you find yourself on the bridge!

At both cities are bunker places at the exit of the tunnel.

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