Convert to symbol

To create the symbol content, use the Timeline, draw with the drawing tools, import media, or create instances of other symbols. If you want to animate it, you have to manually add it to the Library. What do you say?

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In the Create New Symbol dialog box, type the name of the symbol and select the behavior. Duplicate a symbol using the Library panel. Double-clicking a symbol in the Library temporarily hides all other items. To delete the sequence after converting it to a movie clip, select Cut.

For assets shared during authoring, you can update or replace a symbol with any other symbol available on your local network. When you edit a symbol, Animate updates all the instances of that symbol in your document. Click the Close box in the upper-right corner Windows or upper-left corner Macintosh to close the new window, and click in the main document window to return to editing the main document.

Select Duplicate from the Library Panel menu. Click the scene name in the Edit bar above the Stage. Symbols can contain all the functionality that Animate can create, including animation. On the main Timeline, select every frame in every layer of the animation on fonvert Stage that you want to use.

Kai Stinchcombe 4 3. You can add frames, keyframes, and layers to a symbol Timeline, just as you can to the main Timeline. They're all worth looking at.

Create a new Flash Symbol. You syymbol also place movie clip instances inside the Timeline of a button symbol to create animated buttons.

Convert to symbol, Break apart

When you create a symbol you choose the symbol type. Post as a guest Name. Animate CC only Swapping multiple symbols. While editing a symbol, use any aymbol the drawing tools, import media, or create instances of other symbols. For more information, see this article.

This is a correct answer. Select an instance of the symbol on the Stage. Select how to align the object in relation to the registration point. Join Stack Overflow to learn, share knowledge, and build your career.

A good way to approach converting anything is to be able to do and undo an operation.

Working with symbols in Animate CC

Duplicate a symbol by selecting an instance. Graphic symbols add less to the FLA file size than buttons or movie clips because they have no timeline. A symbol can include artwork that you import from another application.

An instance can be different from its parent symbol in color, size, and function. Is this what you're looking for?: Any symbol that you create automatically becomes part of the library for the current document. This breaks the object to its components.

Do one of the following:. The common way to create a Flash symbol is to draw something, then convert it.

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