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Enter your phone number U. Retrieved April 18, If the player chooses to shoot Harper, Farid survives, and Harper is not present in any conversations or missions thereafter. Black Ops 2 Review". Strike Force was not well received by critics and fans, as it created a more stressful game experience.

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Call of Duty: Black Ops II (Video Game ) - IMDb

Having remembered the truth, Sal, Billy and Finn set out to kill Weasel once again. Black Ops II is the first game in the series to feature futuristic warfare technology and the first to present branching storylines driven by player choice as well as selecting weapons before starting story mode missions.

A new, 8 player co-op game called "Grief" is also supported, featuring 2 teams of 4 players competing to survive, unlike the previous games which only supported 4 player online co-op.

By this time, Group 's operatives have been wiped out, and Maxis himself was lobotomized when he began to turn into a zombie. Aggregate scores Aggregator Score GameRankings. Players can then play the Objective gametype, where a team of players and bots play objective modes, but receive half XP.

Call of Duty: Black Ops II

ov Retrieved August 10, The player, as Farid, has a choice during the mission. Development for the game began sometime after the release of Black Opswith Activision promising that the follow-up would bring "meaningful innovation" to the Call of Duty franchise. Unlike past games, weapons in Black Ops II have a progression system, which is used to unlock weapon attachments. Key features Call of Duty: Woods concedes that Menendez has oof visited him, and shows them a locket that the latter had left behind.

COD: Black Ops II

Special Forces operatives led by David Mason and his partner, Mike Harperarrive at " The Vault ", a top-security location home to an aging Frank Woodswhom they suspect possess vital information on the whereabouts of Raul Menendez. A Data Glove Paired. The team with last humans standing wins.

The cards clearly display the Call of Duty: The Mujahideen then betray the Americans and Zhao, leaving them to die in the Afghan wilderness until dutj rescue by two unidentified civilians.

One of the biggest changes added to multiplayer in Black Ops II is the introduction of Pick 10, a new system within the Create-a-Class menu.

A Strike Force mission in Yemen.

During the main campaign, the player may choose to participate in optional Strike Missions. Smoove joined Stormare in the second production of The Replacersin which the two maintain lf haphazard relationship. Depending on the player's actions in Afghanistan, it is implied that Menendez had used moles within the CIA. Killstreaks from previous Call of Duty games are renamed as Scorestreaks, which are now earned by gaining points, rather than kills. November 13, Wii U NA: Previous Game Call of Duty: The single-player campaign features two connected storylines, with the first set from to during the final years of the First Cold Warand the other set in during a Second Cold War.

Call of Duty: Black Ops II - Wikipedia

Black Ops II is the first Call of Duty video game to feature branching storylines, in which the player's choice affects both the current mission and in turn, the overall course of the story. There are many more choices then just a simple live or die picking at the final mission. Section's team is later deployed in Pakistan, attempting to gather intelligence on Menendez's plots.

Black Ops 2 propels players into a near future, 21st Century Cold War, vall technology and weapons have converged to create a new generation of warfare. JSOC eventually finds the source of the transmissions responsible for the hacking to Haiti, where Section leads JSOC forces into recapturing the facility in the final mission, and apprehending or killing Menendez.

Unravel the mysteries of a dying Earth in Tranzit, fight endless waves of zombies in Survival mode, or compete in the new 4z4 last-human-standing mode, Grief.

The band chose to use Woods as the drummer in the game due to the loss of their original drummer The Revwho died of a drug overdose on December 28, World at War and Call of Duty: Following their battles in Shanghai, Russman leads the group across the continents to a large hole in the ground known as The Rift in Africahoping to find answers about the unseen forces commanding them.

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