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For more details or if you are having any issues please check with the BEA docs at the Weblogic First we'll build the example for Weblogic For several releases of Weblogic there has been an issue with how Weblogic generates stubs and compiles EJB's that use variable arguments in their methods. If you wish to use the PointBase database you must setup a PointBase datasource, and adjust the hibernate setting in persistence. Sign up using Email and Password.

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To use Hibernate as your JPA provider you need the following jars:. Seam on BEA's Weblogic. You'll need to alter persistence-prod.

Oracle WebLogic Server

The only way for this to work is to put the javax. MP1 is also available, but requires some BEA patches to function correctly.

Archived from the original on June 23, What's different with Weblogic Users should download the tool itself below, and download patch number below, and apply the patch to the Hea WebLogic Server Out of box seam-gen will produce applications configured to run on JBoss AS.

The seam-gen application has very similar library dependencies as the jpa example above. There are some known issues with the Weblogic servers that will need to be worked around, and configuration changes that are needed specific to Weblogic.

Starting with Seam 2.

Oracle WebLogic Server - Wikipedia

Here are the quick steps to installing Weblogic Then we'll talk about Seam's JEE5 example and the hurdles to getting it running. The recommended way is through the configuration console: Find the target war and add the following to the end of the target.

Here we install the RHEL 5 version using the graphical installer:. Professional Oracle WebLogic Server 1st ed. OK - now we are ready to finally begin adjusting the seam application for deployment to the Weblogic server.

10.3 you see this try restarting the Weblogic server. Select Next button on the Transaction Options page. The Weblogic server you just installed has some example domains, but we are going to create one just for the seam examples. Archived from the original on November 24, Installation and operation of Weblogic.

Modify the assembly-descriptor element to look like this: Linux x86 with bit JVM 1. Then select the New button at the top of the data source table Fill in the following: MP1 that addresses this issue. Use the prefer-web-inf-classes element in a weblogic.

CR2 a special Weblogic specific jar has been created that does not contain the TimerServiceDispatcher. Note the paths here are my own, feel free to change for webloogic environment. Then select the Install button at the top of the deployments table. Hitting Ctrl-C in the terminal where you started the domain.

BEA WebLogic Server Documentation

EJB3 Issues with Weblogic. Oracle Linux Oracle Solaris. No negative effects have been seen, but we would not recommend doing this while in 10.33 middle of configuration changes in the console.

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