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So I will be filling up UAN forms. I am seeing below options for claim processing. How many months of EPF would you have accumulated? As for the bank account matter, as per your reply I can straightaway write my new SBI account number on Form 19, irrespective of my earlier account number that has been submitted, and which is ow non-operational.

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Previous employer is saying that the application is submitted to EPF office but still change is not made in date of birth since August. I got message from EPFO that my PF settlement claim is approved for payment through Cheque so please tell me how the amount will be credited will i get cheque to my home address or bank or it will be electronically credited directly to my SB ac.

Kindly re-issue the amount.

So, can I approach the EPF authority to withdraw my amount? The modern cheques issued by the banks carry all the relevant information viz. Dear basu I have followed the process as described by there but epfo office has returned the docs saying that aar is not enclosed. He was retired in May Dear sir, I have been advised to submit pf reauthorization letter with employer sign. As i am not working anymore,19,10c and 15G forms are enough or what are the other online forms i need to take a print out and submit?

I will also keep you posted on the developments, as it will help other readers.

There are no further updates on this. My company was a pf account in Dehli south pf office. I have joined a new company now and have submitted the Form 13 for the transfer of the old PF account to new one.

I have heard ppl suggesting not to withdraw pension amount. However, I have the details of my PF number. You can ask your employer to add bank details. Dear sir, I worked in a company for 3 years.

Just one more question Basu. The EPS part 8. The text of the form is given below. It is for Mumbai. Which i left in sept Ya they said me that its that true or not and is there a time period to currior or not and please sujest me aprox date when I got my pf amount in my account.

Could you please let me know if the payment can be transferred using NEFT to forrm bank account number instead of cheque payment? Dear Prasad, 1 Yes. I submited a claim for advance on 26 october If you are meeting above four conditions, then you can withdraw EPF without the signature of your employer.

New EPF Withdrawal Forms-Withdraw without employer signature

I would like to know what will happen to my PF withdrawal request. Please guide how can I withdrawal my PF. However adr they come back and say I need to send them scanned passbook of mine! Please let me know.

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Also they will not settle my PF. Did you complete 10 years of service? Fir to this my EKYC verification pending. Cani withdraw the old PF amount from my previous organizantion? Please let know how to proceed further and how much maximum amount I can withdraw and do I need to have any supporting documents Below are my details: While checking for withdrawal date of exit is not available.

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