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I prefer the sound through a domestic stereo system rather than small computer speakers, which can sound rather harsh. Stefan Moisei Hi, Could you integrate speech player in espeak: Install from Google Play.

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The Unicode character handling for correct eseak of accented and non-Latin characters is provided by the ucd-tools project by Reece H. Multi-Screen Voice Calculator Pro. Does this version by RedZoc have the above?

To post to this group, send email to eyes-free googlegroups. Assistance from native speakers is welcome for these, or other new languages.

ESpeak TTS Engine For Android By RedZoc | Blind Help Project

This build supporting from Android 4. This is a port of eSpeak to Android for 4. The eSpeak engine does not collect any data in the text passed to it. On Friday, May 6, at 6: Fixes crashes on Android 4.

Speech rate is set as words per minute 4. Dennis Long Yes and a dictionary would be nice. It has a more robotic sounding voice than other engines due to its small size see http: Are there any solution for this confusion? Languages are correctly selected e. This version is an enhancement and re-write, including a relaxation of the original memory and processing power constraints, and with support for additional languages.

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Dennis Long Also if you could add number processing and a dictionary in the app it anxroid be great. With Jonathan's extended absence and lack of upstream eSpeak development 1.

Additional modifications have been made by Reece H. Language names are correctly displayed e.

eSpeak TTS for Android 4+ is available in free of cost

They are both good but they usually switch languages automatically. It is built on the eyes-free version, fixing multiple issues found in the eyes-free version: As others have pointed out, number processing and emoji support.

I am also juggling other life commitments like a day job. A simple read what you type app!

Speech rate and pitch are correctly handled, so eSpeak on Android sounds like it does on the desktop; 3. MIPS-based devices are supported; Text to Voice - Read Aloud. Documentation is currently sparse, but if you want to use it to add or ths language support, let me know. Friday, May 6, To unsubscribe from this group and stop. On Windows this is a DLL.

I would love to get it fixed espezk see you add the features the users requested like a dictionary, number processing and the reading of Emoticon. Additional modifications have been made by Androix Team, also under the Apache 2.

Dennis Long They need to fix there email I got a bounce back issue when attempting to email them.

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